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Welcome to Action Awnings your one stop shop for window awnings in Perth. The headlines have been ablaze with “Scorching Summer Days”, “Record High Temperatures” and “Global Warming” across Western Australia and there seems to be no relief. Each year seems to become hotter and drier than the previous. The scorching sun is now leaving its mark on furnishings, leaving them dull, reducing their lifespan and causing them to fade quickly.On the plus side, summer is seen as the season of partying with BBQ’s and get-togethers planned not only for weekends but during the week too. What better way to protect yourself from the sun and have a place for a great BBQ than to buy awnings online? That is where the professionals at Action Awnings come in. Here at Action Awnings, we are proud to provide residents of Perth awnings that are perfect for every home at a reasonable price. From combating the heat from the sun to blocking out harmful UV rays, you will love your new awning from Action Awnings.

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Go Green

Reduce your energy cost

Sustainable living is no longer a commodity but a necessity. More people are becoming eco-conscious and realise the need to reduce their carbon footprints. Action Awnings has recognised this and thus we can proudly announce that we have “Gone Green”.

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Electric Shade Sales

We at Action Awnings appreciate that the home is the castle of the owner, and everyone strives to make their castle the best they can. The awnings that we sell, have been developed with this in mind.


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Quick installations

We understand that once the summer months are upon us you will be eager to spend it outdoors and will need the extra protection that our awnings offer. We are committed to offer superior customer service and delivery, and will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.


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Though you may want an awning, you may think they are simply too expensive. This shouldn't be the case, especially when you can buy wholesale awnings at Action Awnings. Also check out our outdoor patio blinds. There are so many great benefits of awnings, especially when you want to enjoy your property throughout the hot summer sun. In addition to the normal benefits you get from awnings, you will also find that the awnings from Action Awnings have their own benefits. Some of these include quality fabrics, a wide variety of colours and styles, automatic and manual systems, stainless steel construction, competitive pricing and financing, quality service and quick installation. We have great sales and inexpensive products available all the time. Just because we sell awnings at a lower price than our competitors certainly doesn't mean that you are getting a product that will rip or tear. All of our awnings are constructed to hold up and remain strong.