Build Your Brand with Awnings, Blinds & Al Fresco Furniture

When we think about marketing and advertising our cafes or bistros, we would often spend money on radio and newspaper ads, promotions and online tools. Though these traditional tools are effective, there are other ways you can build your brand.

One of the best ways you can promote your brand without having to do much is by tweaking your storefront. Your storefront can be a brand promotion in itself, especially if you have an al fresco setup. Here are a few ways you can use your storefront to attract customers and make your brand memorable.


Awnings with your company logo can present a memorable and credible front for your business. If you have beautiful printed graphics and lettering on your awnings, people will more likely walk into your store.

Your awning design should be unique enough and should capture your business’s identity to make it credible and distinct from your competitors. If you have something to offer that you’d like people to know about, you can inform them by putting a short key message on your awnings and window signs.


You can use blinds to express your brand identity. Blinds don’t only serve a utilitarian purpose, but they can add to the aesthetic value of your storefront and indoor atmosphere, too, and help present your brand message.

If you plan to install outdoor blinds in your al fresco area, tweak it a little bit by printing your brand logo and key message with your brand colours. This way, you are also convincing your customers that you are a credible and serious business.

Al Fresco Furniture

The same goes with your al fresco furniture. Personalising your chairs, tables and dining accessories will boost your credibility and enhance your customer’s experience. Unique patio furniture and accessories attract customers. You can also utilise these products to establish your brand identity by printing your logo and key phrase on upholstery, cutlery or tableware. These strategies are a one-time investment that offers long-term promotional advantages.

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