The Charm of Al Fresco Dining

Nothing is better than dining al fresco. Eating a delicious meal while enjoying the sun on your skin and laughing with friends is one of the best things in life. Al fresco dining is simply charming, whether you are at home or at your neighbourhood café.

While we love the feel of the sun on our skin, too much sun is dangerous. Excessive UV exposure leads to sunburn and skin cancer. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your outdoor dining experiences if you take precautions.

Preventing Skin Damage

The use of special café blinds is a good solution to the UV problem. Unlike regular blinds, café blinds are thin and translucent, allowing sufficient light to pass through. At the same time, it shades diners from exposure to damaging UV rays.

Café blinds provide the perfect outdoor dining experience while protecting your skin. Curtains and other types of blinds entirely close off an area and ruin the al fresco experience. But since café blinds are see-through, you still get to enjoy your surroundings fully.

Protect Al Fresco Furniture

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting from UV exposure. UV rays fade the colours of your al fresco furniture. It can also turn some materials brittle, such as wood and plastic.

Café blinds are typically made of a mesh or PVC material that is resistant to the sun’s damaging rays. This allows your furniture to last longer, without looking faded and weather-worn.

The blinds also provide additional privacy for your outdoor gatherings. It is mostly translucent, but still provides some cover from inquiring eyes.

Café blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Wiping them down with a damp cloth is enough to keep them looking just like new. They allow you to enjoy the charm of al fresco dining to the fullest.

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