Q. What is a retractable awning?
A retractable awning is an awning with spring-loaded arms for support and is mounted on strong brackets, attached to the home or business. It eliminates the need for vertical support poles like those used in shade sails, which are rather unsightly and space consuming. Retractable awnings are just that — they can be retracted if you want sun or extended if you want shade.

Q. What is a fixed frame awning?
A fixed frame awning is permanently fixed to your home in an extended format, and it cannot be retracted.

Q. What sizes are available?
Awnings are offered to suit your specifications and needs, so they can be custom fitted to various sizes.

Q. The power has gone out, how do I use my motorised retractable awning?
Should a power failure or malfunction occur all of our motorised awnings have a manual override crank that will allow you to retract your awning manually.

Q. What fabric is used?
Action Awnings only use the best-quality acrylic Recasens Spanish fabric. Regular testing and inspections have ensured that the fabric used is in compliance with the ISO 9001 Certification.

Q. Does the fabric come with a warranty?
The fabric comes with a 5-year warranty that covers colourfastness.

Q. Do you have payment options?
Yes we do offer finance on all installations should you require it. Please contact us to discuss this.

Outdoor Blinds

Q. How do they operate?
The blinds are spring loaded, which makes for ease of use when lifting or lowering the blinds.

Q. Can the blinds be left partially open?
Yes, the blinds can be left open at any point along the track.

Q. Can the blinds be locked down?
Yes the blinds can be locked down and are supplied with a centre lock which opens both sides of the blinds simultaneously.

Q. Is it possible to fit dual locks so the blinds can be opened from the outside?
The blinds can be fitted with dual locks.

Q. How will I be able to reach the top of the blinds if I am too short?
In such cases we supply a grab stick which has a hook to pull down and lift up the blind.

Q. How much protection from the rain will the blinds provide?
The standard fabric will provide over 96% wind and rain protection and there is an even tighter woven fabric that will offer 99% protection.

Q. We live in a very windy location, will the blinds be able to give us protection?
The blinds have been factory tested to withstand winds up to 100kph, but we advise that when the weather gets severe, that the blinds are lifted right up to avoid possible damage.

Q. Why aren’t my motorised working properly when it’s very hot?
All tubular motors fitted to blinds have a safety feature which will act as a cut off if the motor should get too hot. This is a design feature which exists to avoid a possible fire hazard. In the very hot climate of Perth, these motors can heat up quite quickly and cut off to allow them to cool down and reset before operating again.

Q. Why don’t my motorised blinds go up or down in very windy weather?
The blind is there to offer 96% protection from the wind. Therefore it cannot be operated in windy weather, as such leave it down or leave it up during high winds. This doesn’t apply to the manual blinds, only motorised version.

Indoor Shutters

Q. How long are the shutters warranted for?
The shutters are warranted for 10 years from date of installation, against warping, bending, fading or chipping.

Q. What designs do you offer?
Our shutters can be supplied as fixed, bi-fold, or sliding.

Q. Are the shutters easy to clean?
Very easy to clean and require minimum maintenance.

Q. Do the shutters have different widths for the blades?
Yes the shutters are available with blade having widths from 62mm to 112mm.

Q. We have a semi circular window that needs a shutter. Can you supply such a shape?
Yes we can supply many designs, including fan top, arch, rake, corner, bay window as well as track systems.