Great Ideas to Brighten up Your Garden

Great Ideas to Brighten up Your Garden

The summer is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to organise the garden, but before you think of getting the garden furniture out of the shed, consider making a few small improvements, to make this summer a little special. If your terraced area has seen better days, you might want to think about a revamp, and with the right materials, you can transform the area. Here are just a few ideas to inspire a new look in the garden.


The latest awnings allow you to have total control over shade, and with attractive patterns and colours, you can really complement that patio area. The summer sun is always a problem, and causes discomfort on a daily basis, but the right awning will give you year-round shade and protect you from the elements.

Retractable Awnings

The latest generation of retractable awnings incorporates motorised solutions, with a manual system as well, so opening or closing the awning has never been easier. We have semi-cassette retractable awnings that are both elegant and efficient, and they come with a range of valance patterns that match the awning fabric. This hides the mechanism and is an attractive feature of the awning. Full cassette retractable awnings are perfect for those outdoor events, like summer parties and barbeques, and they are laterally supported, so there are no unsightly vertical poles.

The Finest Fabric

Our imported Spanish fabric is guaranteed against factory defects for five years from the installation date, and with a choice of patterns and colours, we are sure you will find the ideal combination. Ultra-high UV protection guarantees that you and your family will be shaded for many years to come, and our skilled technicians are very good at what they do, so you are in good hands.

Creative Designs

One can easily create an al fresco atmosphere by adding some window awnings, which will also provide effective shade for the interior. Outdoor blinds can also provide adequate shielding from the elements, and if used in conjunction with the right awning, one can create a new room for year round use.

Customised Solutions

We at Action Awnings understand that no two spaces are identical, and therefore we like to provide a unique solution that gives the customer maximum benefits, and with our design experience, we can really help to create the perfect area for you and your family. Screening is our business, and with over 30 years combined experience, we are able to provide the best solution. The company was created with the aim to provide the best quality awnings at an affordable price, and we have experienced sustainable growth over the years.

Quality Installation

The product itself is important and it must be correctly installed, which is why we use our own installation teams, who have worked with our products for many years. They pride themselves in their ability to think outside the box, and are always happy to go that extra mile to make the job special. If you have decided to reclaim your terrace area from the sun, contact us at Action Awnings, and we’d be happy to help.