Looking to improve you outdoor living space? Then look no further! At Action Awnings we also supply and install outdoor blinds Perth wide. The Ziptrak® blind system takes all the hassle out of operating outdoor blinds. Put simply: it’s outdoor screening made quick and easy!

There are many benefits of fitting outdoor blinds. Installing outdoor blinds also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Blinds also convert an outdoor space into an indoor room, making it usable all year round, as the mesh will provide over 95% wind and rain protection during the wet and windy winters in Perth. Our range of Perth-made external blinds protects you and your family from the unpredictable Australian weather. During the hot, dry summers, these blinds eliminate over 95% of UV rays, thereby ensuring the area is much cooler. In addition to reducing the intrusion of insects such as flies and mosquitoes, adding liveable space and increasing the value of a home, alfresco or patio blinds also beautify what would otherwise just be an open area. Families with young children would also really benefit from having outdoor blinds, as the enclosed patio could serve as an outdoor playroom, and parents won’t have to worry about the kids wandering off.

Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds Perth

If you are in need of patio blinds in Perth, you cannot go past Ziptrak® outdoor blinds. The Ziptrak® blind system in Perth takes all the hassle out of operating outdoor blinds. So say goodbye to the stress of outdoor blinds. Put simply, it’s outdoor screening made quick and easy! The unique thing about the track-guided blind system — which sets it apart from any other — is its specially designed, slotted side tracks, between which the blind glides smoothly and easily, up or down, and stops at whatever position you desire. Many other types of outdoor blinds are difficult to roll up and down, so much so that people often don’t bother — they tend to leave them in the same position all summer or all winter. With the Ziptrak® blind system, operating your café, patio or outdoor blinds is easy! As a result, Ziptrak® systems tend to get much more use, and provide optimum versatility for all types of weather conditions. This is what makes it so great for all kinds of cafés, patios and alfresco setups in Perth, WA.

Ziptrak® blinds are manufactured from quality 2-over-2 woven PVC coated mesh or clear/tinted PVC, all of which have very good characteristics when it comes to the weather. The blinds can be fitted as manual or motorised, and as the blinds are spring loaded, they are extremely easy to lift or close, and can be left in any position along the track. The mesh fabric is available in an array of colours ranging from white to black, and the high quality aluminium components of the blinds can be powder coated to match the home’s décor. Prices are determined according to the size of the blinds, and extras such as customised pelmets, installation of posts, and custom made fittings.

Perth’s Outdoor Blinds Experts

As one of the leading outdoor blinds experts in Perth, Action Awnings is able to offer our customers short waiting times and punctual delivery. Only professionally trained installers are used for each job, and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, no job is signed off until the customer is completely satisfied. As part of our excellent service, our customers’ homes are always left neat and tidy upon the completion of a job, so you won’t have to clean up after us! We believe our clients deserve only the best, which is why we give them what they deserve. Services from Action Awnings are guaranteed safe and exceptional, continuously exceeding all our clients’ expectations.

Being a small, family-owned business allows Action Awnings to be very flexible, and we are able to react to market changes and needs very quickly. The owners are personally involved in every installation, from measuring, quoting, installation monitoring and liaising with the customers, through to administration and after-sales service. Special deals can be structured for those with special needs, such as seniors and pensioners, to ensure that they get the best deal. And because the owner is the one who meets the customer, measures up a property and gives a quote, he is able to offer the best price on the spot, without having to check for approval. Also, after-sales issues are dealt with on a weekly basis, so if you run into any problems, you can be sure that it will be resolved ASAP.

Ziptrak® features:

  • No zippers
  • No ropes or pulleys
  • No winding
  • No buckles
  • No straps
  • No gaps on either side
  • No flapping
  • No struggling to operate them
  • No set position

Action Awnings strongly recommends that anybody who is looking at getting café/patio/alfresco blinds should view Ziptrak® blinds first. Why bother with crank handle blinds or rope and pulley blinds when Ziptrak® blinds can be extended and retracted within 5 seconds?

Choose Action Awnings for your home shading needs. Our range of awnings, shades and blinds are made from quality materials, designed to protect and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Apart from offering you premium outdoor roller blinds in Perth, we match our products’ quality with exceptional services. We adapt to your needs. Contact us today for a free measure and quote.

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