Turn Your Yard into a Themed Outdoor Room

If you have lived in the city for long, then you must be familiar with the ever-present challenge of urban living: how to optimise a limited space without adding too much to your energy bills. Modern homes with small courtyards often have to improvise to get the best of both worlds.

You’re probably thinking, with limited resources, there isn’t a lot of room to get creative — wrong! Today, we’ll share some tricks to help you achieve your dream space without having to loosen the purse strings:

Ditch the Bad

The first step to any renovation is to re-envision the space. In other words, throw away everything you don’t need. If the goal is to expand your outdoor area, every inch of space matters. In homes across the capital, courtyards are turned into storage for ‘things that may or may not be useful in the indefinite future’. Be practical and clear away as much as you can.

Think Integrated

Given that you don’t have a lot of space to work with, think of the area as a whole. If you have a scrappy yard with overhanging trees and an uninviting lawn, it may be time to consider replacing this with some beautiful brickwork to create a low-maintenance, but a visually stunning space.

To form this cohesive whole, consider spreading decorative pots or a vertical garden to create a shadier wall. Every part of the space will work to create a singular theme and give your yard a unified appeal.

Protect and Beautify — Simultaneously

Retractable folding arm awnings will round up the design — the element that will turn your outdoor area into an outdoor room. They also offer the blend of functionality and beauty you want for your outdoor space, adding the needed shade from the sun and rain without compromising its style.

At Action Awnings, we make the most of your outdoor living spaces with products that bring out their full potential while keeping you shaded and protected.

Enhance the liveability of your city pad from a product quality and workmanship that you can trust. Order from us today.